Derek Macara is an American artist popularly known for his paintings depicting rural New England and oceanic scenes.  Some of his most notable work are his finely calculated renditions of seaside Provincetown scenes.  Born in 1987 in the art colony of Provincetown his upbringing exposed him to many prolific artists work and an abundance of picturesque subject matter.  Being a native to Provincetown from a Portuguese fishing family spanning several generations, His paintings often reflect the experience of a life at sea.  At a young age He spent several years studying and growing up at the Hawthorne school of Art in Provincetown, the former residence of the American portrait artist Charles W. Hawthorne.  Recently Macara’s work has been gaining notoriety amongst art collectors and museums and continuing to prove themselves as sound investments in the fine art market.  While now currently living and working in Provincetown, MA, Macara is a full time Painter who’s work can be found throughout the world.